Rolfe B. Finn & Meg Finn

My parents, Rolfe and Meg Finn, lived most of their lives before the internet era. The web has little about them. This page is a first attempt to remedy that omission.

Some basic facts:

Rolfe B. Finn, M.D. – born in Te Awamutu, New Zealand on May 6, 1925, died peacefully in Cockeysville, Maryland on January 26, 2019. He had a severe stroke on January 19, and he never regained consciousness.

Margaret Mary Finn, R.N., M.S. – born in Riverton, New Zealand on April 2, 1925, died peacefully in Cockeysville, Maryland  January 19 2015.

        Rolfe and Meg had two children: me and Margot C. Finn, M.Phil. (and some other degrees and honours)

They had two beloved grandchildren: Cody Czora and Emily Finn.


This photo shows my parents and me in Minneapolis at the awarding of my doctorate degree in 1987.


 How my mother got the nickname “Meg”:

In nursing school in Dunedin, she shared one telephone with all the other nursing students. Yes, a landline. Many of the students were named Margaret, and so nicknames were generated for all. My mother became the Meg.

How my parents met:

As I remember the story.

One day, when they both worked at a psychiatric hospital in Dunedin early in their careers, they both chased a patient who seemed to want to throw herself off a roof. The patient climbed ladders towards the roof, ladders that had been left in place by repairmen. My father chased from behind, climbing after her. My mother — a practical Scot — climbed the stairs and met the patient and my father on the second-story roof. The result — marriage in 9 months.

 As someone else remembers the story

Anorexic/depressed female patient avails herself of a ladder left leaning against a wall by a workman to climb onto flat roof; MMF as senior psychiatric nurse called to the scene and shimmies up the ladder to stabilize patient, telling others to fetch the new psychiatric registrar; he shimmies up ladder; they collectively help the distressed patient down; the rest is history!  (There is a chance that this happened in Auckland, not Dunedin, though I too think it was Dunedin).