PatPDF4–creating PDF copies of U.S. Patents and Publications

Many years ago, before Google Advanced Patent Search made it possible to get copies of U.S. Patents in PDF form, I wrote a Visual Basic 6 program that scraped tiff images of patent pages from the USPTO’s web site and then stitched them into a PDF file.

Now I’ve written PatPDF4, which is a computer program that downloads PDF copies of US patents and applications in bulk.

  • PatPDF4 will download hundreds or thousands of patents at a time
  • It handles the documents you need:
    • Utility patents numbered 1,xxx,xxx to 10,xxx,xxx
    • Patent publications, e.g., 2015/0000123
  • Fast — typical download times are 3 seconds per  document

Note: PatPDF4 does not yet download some types of patents, including Design patents and Reissues. Also, the copies it downloads are not searchable.

If you download a few patents per day, get them from Google. Assuming, of course, you don’t mind the fact that Google’s results can be weeks or months out-of-date. (It’s not a great idea to analyze a patent for which a Certificate of Correction or a Reexamination Certificate has issued, unless you have the certificate.)

But if you want to get a batch of thirty, fifty, or one-hundred patents with about five keystrokes, PatPDF4 is the way to go.

System requirements: PatPDF4 runs on any Windows 10 PC. It consists of only one file, a *.exe file.

Inputs to PatPDF4: use copy and paste to copy text containing patent or publication numbers into PatPDF4’s input window (PatPDF4 discards any words sent to it), for either (1) patent numbers less than 10,000,000, (2) patent numbers having 8 digits, or (3) patent publication numbers (either with or without slashes).

Licensing: Licensing for PatPDF4 runs at $500-$3000 per year per firm. Given a firm-wide license, you may deploy as many copies as you wish.